Weekly Recap: Rough

This was my last week of plan-free running before marathon training gets under way. I definitely took advantage of that.

It was a rough week, with illness on Monday and recovery on Tuesday,  then some other stressful situations going on. I ended up running three times, but it only amounted to 10 miles for the week.

Wednesday, Ran 1 mile/9:10 pace

After two days of nothing, I wanted to do *something* but didn’t have the energy to go out for longer than a mile.

Saturday, Ran 3 miles/9:24 pace

3 miles

I did this one around 5 after getting done at the animal shelter for the day. I was surprised that I kept up the pace after such a long day.

Sunday, Ran 6 miles/10:17 pace


Ran before church for the third week in a row. I’m always really happy to get this done first thing, rather than have it hanging over my head in the afternoon.

I fueled with some StrideBox samples. While I enjoyed the Glukos drink mix, the watermelon flavor of the Sports Beans wasn’t my favorite.



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