Change of Plans

We were supposed to go to South Louisiana to visit my family this weekend, but our car had other plans. About 90 minutes into our journey on I-49 South, we heard a disturbing clattering sound coming from the front driver’s side of the car, so we pulled off the interstate into some nothing little town and parked at an empty post office.

I still don’t know what happened, but our tire was shredded and losing air quickly.


While we had a spare donut tire, we were too far away to drive on it all the way back home, and it was after 7 PM so all the places that would be able to change a tire were closed.

Thankfully, we were only about 30 miles from Natchitoches, so we drove there slowly on a smaller highway and got a hotel for the night. Though I was very upset that our weekend plans were torpedoed, we made the most of it and walked around the cute Natchitoches downtown, got an appetizer and listened to some live music.


Then on Saturday, we got up and had breakfast at one of Natchitoches’ famous meat pie restaurants, got a new tire in about 10 minutes, then went to Melrose Plantation where the famous artist Clementine Hunter lived and worked. We got to see the house where she lived and several of her original pieces.



We will go to South Louisiana in two weeks instead. All in all, everything worked out the best that it possibly could have considering the circumstances! There are definitely worse places to get stuck for a night! The guy at the tire place said we were very fortunate our tire didn’t blow out on the interstate.


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