Dallas Marathon Training: Week One

The plan:


Had a pretty great forecast for my first week of marathon training :/


Thankfully, the rain didn’t really interfere with my plans during the week. I got a little rained on a couple of times, but nothing so serious that I had to stop what I was doing. Despite a complete upheaval of my weekend plans, I completed my training plan perfectly in Week One 🙂

Monday, Rest 


Every Monday is a rest day, so every Monday will be a successful training day 🙂 I was really glad this first day of my plan was an inactive day, because it was raining pretty much all day and all evening. I took the above photo from my work window on Monday morning. Blech.

Tuesday, Ran 3 miles/8:46 pace


Speed run: I got horrible stomach cramps in the middle of this run, so bad I had to stop for a couple of minutes and try to stretch it out. I have been drinking a lot of caffeinated beverages (mostly coffee and Diet Coke) during the workday and not enough water, so I’m sure this was a huge contributor of these terrible cramps. I really need to work on that. Rain held off all afternoon so it was thankfully a dry run, and it began to softly drizzle just as I was finishing up. I have been getting faster on these shorter runs.

Wednesday, Ran 5 miles/9:29 pace


Tempo run: So for tempo runs, I guess I am aiming to do them at a 9:30 pace or so because that’s 30 seconds faster than my hopeful marathon pace of 10 minutes a mile. This is a lofty goal right now considering how little and slow I’ve run over the past two years, but I figure if I don’t start working toward that goal at the very beginning of my training plan, the odds of me attaining it are slim. So for this first tempo run, I was pleased to make my goal even though it was really tough.

Thursday, Biked 2 miles/17 minutes

I have found that bicycling is weirdly harder on my lungs than running. Maybe it’s because my bike is kind of heavy, or because I don’t have as much experience cycling, or my legs are weak and puny, but whatever the case, cycling has been pretty tough for me. I had to work Thursday night, so I set out to do my cross-training before work. There was a misty rain the whole time, which made it feel rather nice. I still struggled to maintain any kind of decent speed and was drenched in sweat after 17 minutes and 2 miles. So hopefully I will see my cycling conditioning get better over the course of this training plan, too.

Friday, Rest

Saturday, Ran 8 miles/10:48 pace

8 miles

Long run: This run felt like a setback, but I guess the circumstances weren’t ideal and it could have been worse. I was supposed to be in South Louisiana at my parents’ house, doing this run Saturday morning, but because of our flat tire Friday night, which stranded us in Natchitoches until Saturday morning, I didn’t end up doing this run until Saturday afternoon around 4 PM after we got home. The forecast showed thunderstorms likely for 6, so I knew I needed to go ahead and get this run done before then. While the sky was mostly overcast, the temperature was still around 93 when I started and the humidity was thick. After the first four miles my stomach felt unsettled, and I also found myself having a little trouble breathing as steadily. So unlike my previous longer runs of 6-7 miles, where I felt strong near the end, I felt progressively worse as this run went on.

Fuel note: I drank Lemon-flavored Tailwind during this run, and didn’t like it as much as the orange flavor.

Sunday, Ran 3 miles/10:22 pace

Easy run: I guess my easy runs are really just aimed at upping my mileage each week, since they will never be particularly long, and I won’t have a pace goal. My only goal for these is to run what feels easy, so I will just be interested to see how my pace varies each week. Hopefully my easy pace will get faster as time goes on.


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