NYC Marathon Training, Week 1

My plan for this week was two cross-training days and three runs of 3, 6, and 8 miles. Here is what happened:


Monday – Ran 3 miles

31:39/10:33 pace

I wanted to put this run off until Tuesday because I had to work until 6:15 that night, but I decided to take advantage of the fact that the later my start time was, the cooler it would be. This was the first time since my knee injury that I ran 95 percent of a run. I took two short walking breaks when going uphill at certain points, but I almost felt back to normal in this run which was very exciting!

Wednesday – Spin class

45 minutes

I tried a new spinning studio in town for the first time, and really enjoyed it! I hadn’t taken a spin class in over 2 years, so I was surprised that I wasn’t really sore the next day! I think during marathon training I will try and make it to a spin class at least once a week for one of my cross-training days. I missed this!


Thursday – Ran 6 miles

1:10:29/11:44 pace

So hot! I went running right after work, around 5 p.m. It was over 90 degrees, and the heat index was 100. While my run on Monday involved barely any walking, I did have to take several walking breaks during this run. But it was the longest I had run since my injury, so I couldn’t be too upset. The heat was so oppressive. At 2.3 miles my heart rate was up, and I needed breaks to get it down. I think it’s best to play it safe in this weather.


Saturday – Spin class

45 minutes

Maybe it was because I wasn’t using a bike as close to a fan this time, but I got way more sweaty and felt more challenged than the Wednesday class, even though it was the same instructor.


Sunday – Ran 8 miles

1:34:03/11:45 pace

It was sooooooo hot! I sweated like crazy, so much so, this is what my shirt looked like after I finished:



I took walking breaks at the beginning of each new mile, which helped me endure through to the end. My knee still has times where it feels sore, but overall it is holding up really well. With this run, I followed my training plan to a T. The only thing I failed at doing was yoga and arm workouts. :/ Hopefully I will remember to do those next week.

Stride Box item thoughts:

I decided to make a concerted effort to use more of my Stride Box samples this past week, because otherwise I am just wasting my money on it. For my 6-miler on Thursday, I consumed my 2nd bag of Movit energy gummies, and also finished off a bag of Skratch energy chews I started on two weeks ago. I liked both!


I also tried some of the Ruby’s anti-chafe lube, using it for in between my thighs and on my underarms since it’s so freaking hot outside and I sweat like crazy. It smelled nice and washed off my hands easily with soap and water, but I did chafe a little, probably because I didn’t apply enough. Vaseline always works for me, so I will probably stick to that.

Lastly on Thursday I tried the Osmo active hydration for women drink mix in the Mango flavor. I mixed it with water in my handheld. It wasn’t strong at all and I liked it. I just don’t know what makes it “for women.”


Then for my Wednesday and Saturday spin classes, I used a microfiber towel (pictured underneath the Gu chews) I got in last month’s box that is special to Stride Box. I think I actually prefer a terry-cloth towel to this one. It just didn’t feel like it was soaking up my sweat like a good towel should. Before the Saturday class, I ate a packet of Gu energy chews that I got in a box a few months ago (new packaging and smaller than the Gu Chomps I’ve had in the past). The Gu chews were fine – tasted good and not too chewy – and I did feel like I had energy for the class.


On Sunday for my 8-miler, I tried the Chia Surge performance gel, which was a good thin consistency, tasted good (pineapple orange flavor) and had almost a chewy texture with bits of chia seeds in the gel. I liked it. Then I added MeStrength drink mix into my water. This was the kiwi strawberry flavor, and I liked it OK but it was SOUR. Not sure if it’s just that flavor that would be sour, but it had quite the kick to it.

IMG_2079I also used a Stride Box sample for a non-running related purpose! I was really tired before work on Wednesday so I added the Vita Perk coffee booster to my coffee. It is flavorless and has 15 vitamins and minerals. I think it might have made a difference! I was still yawning all day, but I had an extra pep in my step.